Tender Buttons

This SS24 collection draws inspiration from a harmonious fusion of words and art, where the tactile beauty of knitwear embraces the transformative nature of sculpture.

Raw Edges

Following self-reflection, exploration is the next step on the ladder to transformation. This season, we spent considerable time developing the new textures and fabrics that would make up our FW23 collection, embracing the happy accidents and missteps made along the way.

Senses Perception

Our SS23 collection is designed as a sensorial experience that charts the undercurrents of the everyday and the dream-like depths of memory. This season’s miscellanea of colour and texture draws from both the poetry and the banality of our quotidian lives.

Familiar Faces

RUS is a family affair, what started as two sisters dressing up in our mother clothes as part of our childhood games, evolved through the years into a shared vision and understanding. What we’ve found out over the last few years working together is that our interests and emotions are as familiar as our bloodline.

Common Bodies

Humans constantly transform ourselves in subtle but no less significant ways. Common Bodies is an exploration of the multiple transformations women bodies undergo during the different phases of life, moments of essential change and beauty when we turn ourselves into abstract forms.

Space Matters

Space Matters is a dialogue between the interior and the exterior. An exploration of clothing as a sensorial experience; focusing on the tactile and emotional awareness of inhabiting the clothes rather than on the viewer’s perspective.

Small Pleasures

A slower pace has afforded us to have an appreciation of small pleasures; how they come at random into our lives, we savour them for a moment and then they’re gone. Strangely simple, we don’t think about them enough, or understand their therapeutic potential as insights into ourselves.

Comfort Zones

For FW 2020 we worked on the concept of comfort zones as an expression of intimacy, alluding to the invisible space we unconsciously create around our minds and bodies in relation to others to feel safe.

The Lightness of Being

For SS 2020 we worked on the concept of lightness as an expression of freedom, rendering the invisible visible.

The Ritual

For F/W 2019 we draw inspiration from the act of getting dressed, elevating it to the category of mystical ritual.