Edition no.10

This SS24 collection draws inspiration from a harmonious fusion of words and art, where the tactile beauty of knitwear embraces the transformative nature of sculpture. Inspired by Gertrude Stein’s unconventional use of language in her book “Tender Buttons”, and the mesmerizing wrapping sculptures of Christo
and Jeanne-Claude, this collection combines textures, subtle and unexpected details, and breezy layered silhouettes.

For the first time a relaxed unisex capsule mirrors the collection’s distinctive details, blurring the lines of traditional gendered fashion. Lightweight irregular textures celebrate the art of imperfection, offering a sensory experience inspired by earthy landscapes. Fine pleated patterns, sheer and airy translucent creased knits are crafted from light and breathable fibers such as organic cotton, linen and certified viscose to ensure comfort and ease.

A key feature of this collection is the use of asymmetrical ruching, reminiscent of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s enveloping forms. The transformative nature of wrapping is further explored through the use of adjustable long straps in tops, dresses and accessories, serving as
both aesthetic and functional elements that can be draped, tied, or adjusted creating a sense of movement and fluidity.

Open back details add a touch of vulnerability to select pieces in the collection, whether it’s a delicately knitted top or a breezy maxi dress. Elsewhere, a paint splatter effect in a lightweight fluid knit further amplifies the collection’s fusion of organic and contemporary streetwear influences, epitomizing the collection’s artistic vision.

This season’s palette draws inspiration from both the ethereal and the earthly, a harmonious combination that reflects the fusion of organic and contemporary influences. Both soft and vivid hues of pale lime, gentle light blue, and delicate mauve bring a sense of ease and reflect the dreamlike quality of Stein’s poems, while muted earthy tones, including shades of sage green and rich browns, pay homage
to the raw beauty found in Christo’s outdoor installations. A range of neutral shades, including soft whites, ice gray and muted blacks, provides a balanced and grounding foundation.

Tender Buttons