Edition no.4

A slower pace has afforded us to have an appreciation of small pleasures; how they come at random into our lives, we savour them for a moment and then they’re gone. Strangely simple, we don’t think about them enough, or understand their therapeutic potential as insights into ourselves. 

Inspired by the essence of simple life and the connection people have to both physical spaces, rituals and intangible things we cannot see but we can experience. Separated from nature and the outside world we’ve traveled in the ethereal world of the mind’s eye, through our thoughts and feelings. 

Small Pleasures

We’ve been captivated by the work of Do Ho Suh and how he depicts objects of everyday life as dream-like sculptures, made from translucent nylon fabric meticulously hand-sewn, alluding to the memories that inspired them. And the poetic softness of Pegge Hopper’s paintings of hawaiian women portrayed in a relaxed and carefree attitude in pastel colors. 

Undulating textures, reminiscent of the flow of water, knitted in clean lines and elongated silhouettes combined with ribbed fabrications and structured knits, layering together harmoniously in soft yet vibrant hues.