Edition no.6

Humans constantly transform ourselves in subtle but no less significant ways. Common Bodies is an exploration of the multiple transformations women bodies undergo during the different phases of life, moments of essential change and beauty when we turn ourselves into abstract forms. Reinventing a
vocabulary of shapes and colors, highlighting curved forms and emphasizing the power of negative space through clothes that are neither too rigid nor too tight, that allow movement and freedom expressed through the lightness of materials offering flexibility and comfort.

Common Bodies

Inspired by the universe of artist Louise Bourgeois and her focus on the female body and psyche, either through her sewn and stuffed cloth sculptures simulating human bodies, or turning her attention to the clothes that cover and protect them. The tactile and emotional quality of handcrafted fabrics and the therapeutic component of weaving and mending are the foundation for rich textured knits.

Recurring and new silhouettes are crafted in a mix of vivid and subtle hues that can be easily layered; itʼs the combination of colors and materials that create a web of emotions, either calming or stimulating. Refreshing light blue and sage green, vivid bubblegum pink or cantaloupe orange and soft buttery yellow are pared-down with multiple pieces in neutral shades like salt, ink or marengo grey.