Copy of The Ritual Part I

For F/W 2019 we draw inspiration from the act of getting dressed, elevating it to the category of mystical ritual. An intimate moment to get ready to face the outside world. Either layering different styles for warmth and protection or choosing the finest knits to feel the fresh air on the skin, intertwining the visible with what is out of sight. There’s also a nod to the connection between art, design and fashion.

Influenced by several artists as Rachel Whiteread and her casting of mundane objects or Eileen Grey and her ground breaking way of linking architecture, interiors and furniture as a whole.

The color palette is a balance between dark and light, cold and warm at the same time. Dusty blues, softened pale greens, buttered yellows and rich maroon tones mix with ink and chalk, the true protagonists.

The Ritual Part I